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The ongoing nursery work. We are far from finished, but we are getting there.

The ongoing nursery work. We are far from finished, but we are getting there.

Ever since we found out we were expecting our first child, my husband and I have debated about one thing more than any other. How much do we decorate/spend on the nursery?

My husband comes from a very, very, VERY practical standpoint. What’s the point of going over the top for matching bedding and wall décor when the child can barely see 10 inches in front of them, let alone remember what their room looks like? (He takes a very similar approach to one-year-old birthday parties too, if you can believe it!)

Yet, I sit and pour over pages and pages on Pinterest of beautifully decorated children’s rooms with the most adorable themes imaginable. I picture myself in a beautifully plush rocker with adorable coordinating accent pillows. In my imaginary nursery, the sun is streaming in and bouncing off the perfectly-framed decorations in our newborn’s room; I’ve lost all my baby weight and am decked out in a stylish, but practical outfit (oh, and I’ve showered and had a pedicure too!)

So, somewhere between my husband’s minimalist approach, and my magazine-quality dreams, there has to be some middle ground, right?

Our first child’s room doubled as our guest room, so he was lucky he actually had a crib in there. There were no decorations. The room included a crib, a dresser that we used as a changing table and a hanger on the door for his diapers in the room. Between guests, we would push the queen guest bed on it’s side, propped up against the wall. And when we did have visitors, the poor kid was stuck in a pack-n-play in our master bedroom closet.

This time, we actually have a real, actual room designated specifically for the new baby (I know… she is so spoiled, right?) And in reality, even though it is a girl this time, she will be using and playing with a lot of her older brother’s items, so I think it is only appropriate that she gets a few new frilly additions to her room.

I’ve kept it pretty low-key: my mom is making bedding and I’ve picked up a few clearance items and nabbed a Craigslist used glider.  And to be honest, the room is still pretty rough. We have boxes strewn about and things still need to be put onto the wall, but with less than four weeks to go until her due date, but she will have a cozy little space of her own.

A little about Emily: Emily is married to her college sweetheart, Jeff and is mom to a 2-year-old little boy named Boone and soon-to-be-born unnamed little girl! Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, her husband’s job moves their family around quite a bit. In the past six years, they’ve lived in Kansas, Tennessee, Calgary, Canada, Colorado and now currently reside in Kentucky. Prior to kids, she worked as a staff writer for a newspaper, but now she focuses on freelance writing in between chasing Boone around and exploring her ever-changing hometowns.



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