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Macadamia nutsThey’re as good for your skin as they are tasty to eat – and that’s saying something. No matter how you use them, macadamia nuts are chock-full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that have a big impact on the body. Let’s take a closer look at these buttery little nuts.


When they’re coated in chocolate, macadamia nuts are a well-known souvenir from the Hawaiian Islands. But the macadamia nut is actually native to Australia. Cultivation in Hawaii didn’t begin until 1882, and Australia still leads the world in macadamia production. From a dietary standpoint, macadamia nuts are rich in nutrients and antioxidants – they contain vitamin A, selenium, zinc, protein, iron and many other good-for-you compounds. Plus, they’re delicious!


After harvesting, macadamia nuts are fed into special cracking machines and then mechanically cold pressed. The result is a clear, golden yellow oil that retains its distinctive smell and taste. It feels thick and, well, oily, but don’t be fooled. Macadamia nut oil is quickly and easily absorbed with no greasy feeling afterward – just soft, smooth skin. But that’s really just the beginning of its many benefits.


• Macadamia nut oil contains phytosterols, which aid in skin recovery. These steroid compounds act like cortisone, reducing itchiness and inflammation in irritated skin. It’s why macadamia nut oil has been used successfully to treat scars, sunburns and minor wounds.

• High linoleic, linoleic and oleic fatty acid content in macadamia nut oil makes it ideal for hydrating exceptionally dry skin and healing damaged skin.

• Macadamia nut oil is one of the most concentrated sources of palmitoleic fatty acids, which is vital for slowing skin and cell aging. Naturally occurring levels of this fatty acid decrease as we age, so topical applications can boost elasticity in the skin, keeping it taut and youthful.

• This oil is remarkably similar to human sebum and protects the skin in the same manner. It’s a strong antioxidant that penetrates deeply for superior moisture.

• Macadamia nuts have a high flavonoid content, which converts to antioxidants in the body with a big one-two punch. They prevent cells from damage while providing a high degree of protection from environmental toxins.

• A natural plant chemical called cinnamic acid provides a sun protection factor of six to eight. Even this low level of SPF can help reduce the chances of sunburn by retaining moisture in the skin.


While many of its properties make macadamia nut oil an ideal candidate for everything from anti-aging beauty products to massage oils, creams and lotions, it’s the calming, hydrating and restoring characteristics that make this fragrant oil stand out to us. Our Intensive Stretch Mark Oil is a blend of natural powerhouse ingredients that minimize the appearance of existing stretch mark and scars and reduce the chances of new ones. Including macadamia nut oil was an obvious choice – it gives our light and luxurious oil serious regenerative properties. It’s also a very stable oil with an impeccable safety profile. That makes it both safe and effective for even the most delicate skin. Enjoy the smooth skin, soak up the many benefits and smell like the tropics while you’re at it!


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