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Jessica Timmons


Avishi Organics Intensive Baby BalmWith four kids, I’ve been through some diaper cream. I got piles of it at my first baby shower eight years ago – lots of conventional stuff that was familiar even to me, a complete newbie, plus some pricier natural versions, but nothing that really stood out. And honestly, that’s been the case over the years. In the end, we settled with an organic version sold by the same company from which we get our baby’s diapers.


It’s fine.


But last week, I learned that when it comes to diaper rash, a diaper rash that is “amazing” is leaps and bounds better than one that’s just “fine.”


It all began with when our ten-month baby girl got a diaper rash. It developed quite suddenly one morning and as I was cleaning her, I noted with some distress that this rash was so raw, she was actually oozing a bit of blood. Blood! Four kids, and this was new to me. I racked my brain for what could have caused it – which new foods had she eaten recently? How long was she sitting in this diaper?! – as I globbed on a generous amount of our go-to diaper cream. I mentioned the rash and hint of blood to my husband on the phone that morning too, and asked whether he’d noticed anything the night before when he changed the baby before bed. He hadn’t. It was a mystery.


I changed her again about an hour later, liberally applying more diaper cream. The angry red of her rash had faded somewhat (though that had more to do with the bright white of the cream) but her skin still looked raw. Going to change her for a third time, I noticed the Avishi Organics Intensive Baby Balm in the diaper caddy. We’ve used it quite successfully for spots of eczema on the kids, and I remembered reading online that it serves as an effective and immediately soothing diaper cream.


Well, they aren’t lying.


Intensive Baby Balm -OpenThe balm tube, which is so useful when I’m rubbing it onto dry little patches of skin, was too big for all those little baby folds. But the balm itself spreads easily, so I spun the tube up a bit and wiped some off on my finger so I could smear a good, protective barrier pretty much everywhere.


At her next diaper change – probably no more than ninety minutes, since I didn’t want her sitting in a soiled diaper for any amount of time with that sore little bottom! – I was truly stunned at the difference. No redness, and a huge difference in terms of irritation. I applied more balm for good measure, and then things got busy with school pick-up and karate drop-off and dinner and all the rest.


That evening, as my husband was giving the baby a bath, he turned to me.


“I thought you said she had a really terrible diaper rash. She looks fine to me.”


And that’s when I told him that the ointment we used for the kids’ eczema patches was our new house diaper cream, and that I had thrown the other stuff away. Because if it doesn’t do anything, what’s the point?


It took us eight years to find, but believe me when I say I’ll be spreading the word about this balm as the end-all, be-all in the diaper cream world.



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