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Our baby girl, Grace, came screeching (yes, it was fast) into the world at the end of February and our lives have been fuller (and a little more hectic) ever since.

Grace's birth storyOn the Saturday morning she was born, I woke up feeling achy. This feeling soon progressed to full on contractions and we were headed to the hospital by mid-morning. One of the first questions I was asked once I got to the hospital was did I want to use an epidural. This is a tricky question to ask a woman in labor because: 1. You are in a LOT of pain and 2. You want to be out of said pain as soon as possible.

I didn’t really expect to use an epidural because I had my first child without using one and I liked the experience and overall outcome. I told the nurse I was pretty sure I didn’t want to use an epidural. You could see the exhaustion come onto her face… I was going to be one of those patients. I remember sort of apologizing and saying “I know it makes it a little tougher on you…” and her reassuring me that it was whatever I decided. Thinking back on that now, WHAT WAS I DOING APOLOGIZING?? Was it going to be harder on her, maybe a little more work and instruction on her part, but was it going to be harder on me (and also completely my choice)… hands down, 100% YES!

Luckily, my labor progressed quickly and no matter how much I may have thought about using an epidural, my body didn’t give me the time, which I’m thankful for now. The on-call doctor broke my water in between two of my contractions and things went from fast to even faster. By 1 p.m. I was fully dilated and ready to… push. This is by far my least favorite part of pregnancy and delivery. The rest of the nine months are nothing compared to hard work of actually getting that baby out.

Grace's birth storyThe first couple of pushes I apparently did wrong (that goes to show you that you don’t know everything your second time around.) The first set of pushes I didn’t curl up enough to get a good push in and the second set I pushed out through my legs and wasted all my energy. But the third time around, I bore down and got the baby moving. At the end of the contraction, my doctor told me I could wait for the next contraction, or go ahead and push again. At this point, it literally felt like my baby girl was hanging half way out (even though you could barely see the top of her head according to my husband) so I went for it and pushed with everything in me. And just like that, our baby girl came into the world and onto my chest. It was the strangest moment though, because oddly enough, she didn’t cry. She just sort of whimpered and cooed as my husband stood over her and held onto her hand. The doctor reassured me that she looked great, but she just didn’t seem to want to cry. Imagine that? Maybe she is already an easy going second child just a few moments after birth! Phew… ok, so can someone bring me a sandwich and a cold drink? If baby is good, mama is good, but she’s also hungry.

So, welcome to the world, Grace Elizabeth! We love you so much already. Oh, and for anyone who can’t believe my baby didn’t cry when she came out, don’t worry! She’s more than made up for the lack of crying since we brought her home! Can someone pass the coffee?


A little about Emily: Emily is married to her college sweetheart, Jeff and is mom to a 2-year-old little boy named Boone and soon-to-be-born unnamed little girl! Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, her husband’s job moves their family around quite a bit. In the past six years, they’ve lived in Kansas, Tennessee, Calgary, Canada, Colorado and now currently reside in Kentucky. Prior to kids, she worked as a staff writer for a newspaper, but now she focuses on freelance writing in between chasing Boone around and exploring her ever-changing hometowns.


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