Foodie Fridays – The “UnMac” and Cheese

Posted by admin on 02/03/2012 to Foodie Fridays

My toddler eats fairly healthy, however, like most his age, he can be fairly picky about meal choices – he will love avocados one day, and despise them the next. It drives me crazy, because I always have to have backups at hand. There is one recipe though, that he consistently likes, and it came [...]

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Foodie Fridays – The “Unchippy” Chips

Posted by admin on 01/26/2012 to Foodie Fridays

If your kid loves chips, gold fish, crackers or anything crunchy, here is a healthy substitute that provides all the crunch with none of the junk! Eggplant chips are yummy, crispy and high in antioxidants., manganese, fiber and potassium. This recipe also uses coconut oil, which contains Lauric Acid, used by the body to make [...]

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