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Diapers, wipes, skincare and laundry – a short, essential to-do list before the new baby comes home.Baby on the Way? Here’s Your Must-Do List Pregnancy may seem like it will never (ever) end, but before you know it, your new baby will really be here. From packing the hospital bag to choosing a pediatrician to preparing for maternity leave, there are no fewer than a million things to do and buy and organize. So take a break from freezing dinners and stacking diapers and check out our quick list of must-dos before bringing baby home. We promise, this is one to-do list with tasks that are as easy as they are essential.


Start the Wash

Crib sheets, receiving blankets, teensy tops, itty bitty socks – the list goes on and on. But before you put anything on or near that delicate newborn skin, make sure it’s been washed properly.

• Choose a laundry detergent that is free of dyes and perfumes, and skip the fabric softener and dryer sheets. • Measure portions carefully, and don’t use more than the recommended amount.

• Make sure you’re using enough water for a thorough rinse.

• Wash everything before wearing or using to remove excess dyes and fabric finishes, which can be irritating to sensitive skin.

• Throw your stuff in the same load – your baby will be spending plenty of time cuddled up against you.


Make a Diaper Decision

Assuming you’re going the disposable route, be clear that mainstream, well-known diaper brands are under no requirement by law to disclose chemical ingredients in their diapers. Everything from volatile organic compounds, adhesives, polyurethane and pesticide residue has been raised as a concern, not to mention fragrances, inks and lotions that are actually promoted. Reactions like skin, eye and lung irritations have been reported and linked to diapers.

Even the “natural” version of mainstream diapers can contain chlorine and synthetic ingredients, so consider a truly organic brand. There are multiple versions at a few different price points that use vegetable-based materials, and most are also as eco-friendly as disposable diapers get.

Opt for mild, scent-free wipes too – and check the ingredient list before you buy. As alarming as it is, ingredients like parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, PEGs, phenoxyethanol and numerous other chemicals are routinely used in the very wipes you’ll be rubbing all over your baby.

Remember, all babies are at risk of diaper rash if they’re left in a soiled diaper for too long. Expect eight to twelve diaper changes every day in the first few weeks after the baby comes. Even if you’re changing diapers regularly, sensitive baby skin can become chapped and irritated in that moist little environment. Our Intensive Baby Balm is made of organic ingredients and can be applied for instant, soothing relief on even the smallest of babies.


Prenatal skincareMind the Scents

With all the snuggles you’ll be giving your little one, consider your own skincare regiment. A newborn’s skin is especially delicate, and repeated exposure to your fragrances and lotions (particularly during breastfeeding and other skin-to-skin contact) could have an irritating effect. Skip the perfumes and heavily scented lotions and soaps in favor of milder options scented with natural essential oils.

If you’re concerned about treating or preventing stretch marks, give our Intensive Stretch Mark Oil a try. It’s a potent mix of botanicals known for their restorative properties, and it works equally well as a relaxing massage oil. Light and quick absorbing, our Intensive Stretch Mark Oil is safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding to improve elasticity and relieve dry, itchy skin without risking an adverse reaction for your little one.

See? We told you this was an easy list!


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