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Intensive Stretch Mark Oil and Intensive Baby BalmEven the most cursory look at the product line of Avishi Organics quickly makes it clear – we are a company dedicated to natural and organic skin care products for mothers-to-be and babies. In fact, a pregnancy is how Avishi got its start.

In 2010, I noted the surprising lack of specialist skin treatments that were free from toxic ingredients and additives for expectant mothers and babies. The limited selection of natural products geared to the same market seemed to lack therapeutic benefits and ultimately failed to live up to their expectations. So I decided to invent my own.

The goal – healing skincare treatments that are honestly labeled and USDA certified organic, just right for pregnant mamas and babies. We started from scratch, with 100% natural ingredients known for their therapeutic and restorative properties – rosehip seed oil, tamanu oil, Neem oil, coconut oil, borage seed oil and many others. We chose each ingredient carefully. Our intention was to satisfy a need in the market for truly natural, effective products that would resolve issues all too common for mamas-to-be and babies.

The statistics vary, but it’s estimated that more than half of all pregnant women will experience stretch marks during their pregnancies as hormonal changes and quick weight gain affect skin’s elasticity, As for babies, their sensitive skin is easily irritated and it’s the very rare child who doesn’t experience some sort of skin irritation, be it eczema or diaper or prickly heat rash.

Our Intensive Stretch Mark Oil is designed to visibly reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks and scars while reducing the possibility of new marks forming during pregnancy. We chose botanical ingredients known for improving skin elasticity, enhancing its repair process and smoothing its texture, and we purposely avoided fillers like mineral oil.

Our Intensive Baby Balm is a protective and healing balm that is at once powerful but gentle. It’s designed to offer instant hydration and relief from common infant rashes and irritated skin thanks to ingredients chosen for their antibacterial, antifungal and soothing properties.

Both our Intensive Stretch Mark Oil and Intensive Baby Balm are formulated without parabens, sulfates, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil or artificial colors. We use pure plant oils, herbs and botanical extracts that are safe for expecting and/or nursing mothers and sensitive baby skin. We’ve received feedback from so many excited customers who were thrilled with the results of both products – and even happier with the ingredient list.

As for the name? Avishi is Sanskrit, meaning “from nature” – and that’s our promise.



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